Agathon's WordPress Hosting Affiliate Program

We like working with you and we think we’ll like your friends, too.

What is Agathon's WordPress Hosting Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program is our way to thank our clients, like you, for doing what you already do by recommending us to your friends. Through this program, you can start earning $70 per affiliate signup.

How do I sign up to become an affiliate?

Easy peasy! Contact us to get your personalized affiliate code. All Agathon WordPress hosting clients can signup to get a personalized affiliate code, and begin earning account credit.

How does it work?

Once you have your affiliate code, and tracking link, share it with your friends and followers. When your friend signs up for a new WordPress hosting account, using your code in the Discount Code field on the signup form, you will earn a one-time, $70 affiliate credit on your monthly hosting and your friend will receive $15 off their first month of hosting. It’s that simple.

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions
  • Each valid signup triggers a one-time, $70 affiliate credit to your monthly hosting.
  • Your affiliate credit is nontransferable and only available as a credit on existing accounts in good standing.
  • If you cancel your account, you lose any pending affiliate credits. There will be no cash payouts for affiliate credit.
  • In accordance with the FTC's Endorsement Guidelines, when sharing your affiliate code or link remember to clearly disclose that you receive compensation as an affiliate.
  • Agathon Group reserves the right to modify or cancel the WordPress Hosting Affiliate Program at our discretion.